I am a psychology PhD student at Cornell University.

I take an interdisciplinary approach to studying morality that incorporates moral philosophy, social psychology, and evolutionary theory.

The primary goal of my research is to understand how our evolved psychology, cultural learning, and social development and cognition interact to produce both moral and nonmoral frameworks (e.g. aesthetic, social/conventional, epistemic, etc.), how we distinguish different normative domains from one another, and how the structure of normative frameworks influences behavior.

Currently, my research focuses primarily on the psychology of metaethics, though I am interested in other normative domains as well. I am also currently conducting research on altruism, conflict resolution, consequentialism, and psychological phenomena relevant to effective altruism and existential risk.

My hope is that a better understanding of the psychological basis of morality will enable us to set up institutions in ways that optimize human welfare and to develop interventions that motivate people to be more altruistic. In short, the goal of my research is to shed light on how we can be better people and create better societies.